Last Infection is a zombie series that was made by user Adame150.

Sypnosis Edit

A zombie infection spreads through town by town leaving survivors on their own to make plans to survive the outbreak.

Season 1 Edit

Episode 1,1 / Virus Edit

2 survivors team up to survive the zombie outbreak in near Chicago, Illinois.

Ron Dude, there everywhere!

Keith Look, we just have a baseball bat and a tennis racket... what do you expect? This is not life. This is horror!

Ron We live, dude, we survive. This is a for the world.

Keith You don't get it, there is no world!! The country will turn to hell...

Ron Yet, it's worth it.

Keith sighed.

Keith agreeing I guess it is.

They both head for the door.

Ron It's sad because I don't know if my father is alright.

Keith What'd you mean?

Ron A few weeks ago, my dad went off to Seattle.