The Rear End

Premiere Date

January 7th, 2015 (UTC)


Mr. Wonders(Creator)
Dr. Wonders(Half-Creator, Developer)

The end was near, the apocalypse, that's how it started. The zombies ruined everything, our lives, our mercy and sake, and especially; our humanity. There's no hope.

Season 1 Edit

1: Trust Nobody Edit

Season 1, Episode 1
Trust Nobody

Premiere Date

January 10th, 2015



The streets are filled with undead. Neighbors barricade their door, as undead overrun it. "Help!" No matter what, there is more. Nick lived inside a light yellow house with a tiny lawn and a white picket fence.

He went downstairs for some breakfast. As he opened the counter, something was terrible. "Oh no!" he yelled covering his mouth. "We're out of Fruit'Os!" He sighed. Nick grabbed another box called Chocolate Puffs and poured it into a striped bowl, added milk. He plopped in the chair and chewed his cereal.

"Oh, god help!" yelled a man banging on Nick's windows. He stood up and opened the door. "What?" Nick asked. "Those things!" The bystander pointed. "Quick get inside!" Nick commanded.

They both ran inside the house and quickly boarded up the windows and doors. Nick sat down. "Ok, what the hell is happening?"

"My name is Clyde," he introduced. "Listen, I don't understand either. All I know is that they're the undead." Clyde sighed. "I killed a few, I have another pistol if you'd like."

Nick thanked. "I had a friend named Chris, he worked at the police station. Never knew what happened to him. Alive, dead, undead?" Clyde said.

Survivors Edit

Survivor Status Edit

Survivor Status
Nick Williams A
Clyde Fitzgerald ?

Survival Chart Edit

Survivor Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8
Nick Williams Alive
Clyde Fitzgerald Alive
Chris Wright Mentioned Alive